Thursday, May 31, 2007

T minus 2 days and counting!!!

Not long too go!!! I offically moved out of 14 Christcurch View yesterday which was very strange. I've been there almost 3 years now and its strange thinking that a stranger is living in it but it makes sense to rent it while i'm gone.

So today i've been unpacking all my stuff from Dublin and at the same time, packing other stuff for San Diego. I enjoy the packing part, its the unpacking that kills me. I have to keep reminding myself that i'm packing for 3 months, not 2 weeks!! I haven't even looked at what paperwork I have to bring with me for my Visa but i'll get to that later.

Another milestone to mention would be that this will be the last post i'm writing on my laptop. It will be taking a 3 month break as well in sunny Monaghan while i'm away. (Cue sorrowful violin music) This is quite a momentous occasion as we haven't been apart for more than 2 weeks in the past 3 years. I promised myself I wouldn't cry!! (intensify violins) I'll miss its white glow when i wake in the morning, the little light that pulses while its asleep, and the ping noise it makes when the battery is nearly dead.

On second thought, maybe being away from it is a good thing?!?

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Preparations are underway!!

I've started the big push towards Saturday week. I've found someone to rent the apartment while i'm away which is a relief. AND, they're ok with the beermats that cover one of my walls. MINT!!!

We got some more pictures of the apartment in San Diego yesterday. Its nice to finally see what it looks like and that it actually exists. Pat, the landlord, was also nice enough to let us pay him the deposit when we get there. Some of the guys were worried that it might be a scam. Still lookin for a job but most applications need you to apply in person, which is a bit of a problem to say the least. I'll keep tryin but I'd say i'll find one when I get over there. Hopefully.

I'm back in Blayney for a few days getting things sorted. Mum has invited some of my relatives up for a BBQ before I go. With San Diego and Berlin coming up I wont see some of them for a while so it's nice to catch up before I leave. Plus i'm going to miss all the bbqs during the summer so i'll have to make the most of this one.

I voted in the election on Thursday for the first time. It wasn't as exciting or life changing as I thought it would be but it was nice to have a say, or as its called nowadays, I "ROCKED THE VOTE!!". The guy I gave my number 1 to got in which was nice as well. I was also keeping an eye on Noel Ivory (because he's hopeless), and both Peter Enright and Peader O'Donnoll (beacuse they look hilarious!!). My favourite candidate had to be John Bracken hands down. I strongly recommend you go to his page and listen to his election song. Who wouldn't vote for someone with a song like that!!.

Anywho, better get back to it. I'll post again hopefully before I leave.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Off to a good start.

Despite the weather being utterly crap, i was cheered up today after talking to Pat from San Diego who is kindly renting us his apartment for the summer. We've been searching for ages when we came across this gem, only 1 block from the beach.

I'm still in shock that we got it, for the price it is, so close to the beach and, more importantly, so close to the start of the summer!! Its a relief to know we have somewhere to go when we arrive. its unfurnished so i'll be sleeping on an air matress for the summer by the sounds of things, unless we can find a rental place that does matresses!!! (if anyone knows one, let me know!!).

Other than that, its all quiet. In the middle of exams at the minute which are going well so far. Only 2 left to do, tomorrow and friday, and i'm FREE!!! 16 days and counting till i leave for Alabama and San Diego. Saturday fortnight!! Its crazy how quick its arrived. It seems like yesterday i was booking the flights in January!

I'll have an American mobile number when i'm over in the states so if you want to contact me, email me and i'll give it to ya. Or you could just email me either, whatever suits.

Anyway, back to the books!!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Back to Blogger!!

This is where you'll find me now for the rest of the summer. I'm going to San Diego for the summer and i'm not taking my laptop so I wont be able to maintain the other website. So its back to where it all began!!

Watch this space!!