Sunday, July 12, 2009

A brown trousers day...

So I got some news there on Friday. The day before I had done an interview with Tourism Ireland for a job in their new Asia office based in Dubai. I thought it had gone pretty well, but as per usual when you leave you start to remember things you forgot to say that would've been perfect and I honestly had begun to prepare myself for the fact that it mightn't have gone as well as I had thought. I know this goes against what most people had said to me about optimism etc but it had turned into my dream job and I was seriously gunning for it, so I just wanted to brace myself for the possibility that it might go pear shaped. And there was also the fact that there were 6 other people up for the role and they were the best of the best so it was fairly competitive.

So back to Friday. I was in the gym for a bit (which in a basement so no phone reception) and when I got out I had a missed call from IBEC (who arranged the interview for me) asking me to call her back in regards to my interview the previous day. Let the panic begin. I fumbled with the phone trying to remember the number she read out in the message and eventually hit the call button. It was freaking me out a little that she called me because most of the communication is done by email, so this could be very good or very very bad. After she answered the phone she proceeded to ask me a few questions about the interview, 'Did I think it went well?', 'Was there anything I thought went badly?' etc. I was mess by this stage, shaking, mumbling down the phone trying to figure out what the hell was going on!!!

So eventually after my answers just became too incoherent to understand she told me she had good news for me. I got the job. I went mental... mad as a bag of badgers!!! I was shaking, hopping around, the whole works. As I proceeded to make a holy show of myself in public, a Luas pulls up beside me so there was an audience to my insanity. While I was jiving on the street she was telling me some pretty important stuff in regards to confirming my job and meeting general managers etc but I was a little preoccupied and I think I missed some crucial bits.

Seeing how it was only two days ago, it still hasn't hit me what exactly is going on and that i'll be moving to Dubai in 2 months. I can see it hitting me on the flight, some 30,000 feet in the air over Turkey. Something similar happened when I was landing in Berlin on the first day of Erasmus. That feeling of 'Oh sweet Jesus what am I at?!?!?'. But then that turned out to be a great 6 months so I can only imagine what this will be like.

This means that the blog will be back in full swing. This is where it'll all happen. Photos, stories,news etc will all be coming from here so keep an eye out. I'll post again when I get more details and all that jazz.