Saturday, February 12, 2011

Update No.1

So its been just over a month since I started this whole thing and the training has been going pretty well. I've been trying to run at least four times a week either in the evenings or during lunch at work with a few trips to the gym in between. Overall its getting better and easier each week. I have found the distances I can go getting longer as I go and the recovery doesn't take too long. The first proper run had me crippled for a week!

On the fundraising side, its been steady enough. I had a few things in mind to raise lump sums, like pub quizzes etc, have been put on hold due to my unexpected move back to Ireland next week. Once I get back to the emerald isle I'll bang a few events out and hopefully that will break the back of the fund raising. At the minute I'm at £360, about 11% of my goal, which I'm quite happy with as a start.

I've also signed up for a number of different events and festivals as part of my training such as the North Leitrim Walking Festival, the Carlingford Walking Festival and the Limerick City Marathon. I'm only doing the half marathon though... don't want to overdo it straight away!

One last thing for this post, its been pretty chilly over here recently so I invested in a pair of these:

I was very dubious about these before until I wore a pair hillwalking over Christmas and the difference they made during the walk and the day after was amazing. So with the cold weather here I found the chill in my legs took a long time to clear and left me with sore legs during and after my run, but with these bad boys its much better. They are really warm, comfortable to run in and do make a big difference. It is amazing the amount of people who don't wear shorts over them though. A bit of common decency please!!!