Monday, June 15, 2009

And so it begins....

Its been a while since i've posted. Most of the posts have been music and random musings so i thought I should give a general update as to what the divil I'm up to. As of now I have finished my degree, FINALLY!! Its only been 5 years in the making. My exams were finished in March so I had two whole months to do nothing but my dissertation and lets just say it was eventful. Basically I had two months to write the guts of 20,000 words. That sounds worse than it is because I had most of it in notes and bits of pieces so it was more a task of putting it all together. So after a lot of sweating and nail biting, a few all nighters and a residence in the DIT library, I handed in my 4 copies and went to the pub. That marked the official end of my college life, which didn't really dawn on me till Saturday night actually.

So since the dissertation was handed in i've been taking it fairly handy. I've started working a bit back home in Castleblayney and i'm trying to get a few days in Dublin as well so I can have a good summer. I've a few things lined up for the coming few months. I'm off to Berlin this Saturday for a bit of a reunion with the Erasmus crowd which is gonna be epic! Its been a year since i've been there and I can't wait to get back. Seeing how I lived there for 6 months or so, i've done most of the touristy stuff so we are asking ourselves what we're gonna do. The results have been moving towards the pubs and clubs we frequented, more so than the galleries and museums we saw signs for on the way to the pubs and clubs. Either way it should be fun, and very very cheap. We got a 3 bedroom apartment in the city centre for €20 each a night!! Bargain!!

From there i'll mosey down to Basel on the train for the big brothers birthday. I won't mention what age he is... but it rhymes with dirty!?! Should be gone for just over a week and I can't wait. The next trip then will be back to Basel in August for the same big brothers wedding. There's talk of a college trip away but we'll see what comes of that one. The rest of the summer will mostly involve me chilling out and doing as little as possible, as every final year student should... and is!

So thats the guts of it for the minute. I've other stuff to put up but i'm very against big long blog posts so i'll try to keep them short and sweet.