Saturday, June 24, 2006

Headin to Camp!!

Just a quick post to say i'm about to leave for camp. I'm all packed with my 15 different bug sprays, snacks etc etc etc. It'll take about an hour to get there and we have to be there for 9 so we have to leave really soon. I propably wont post again till i get back so you'll have to make do with this one!!


P.S I want to say HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY to Florence as well!!! Sorry i'm missing the party guys but have a good one!!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Still in one piece!

Well i made it to Alabama in one piece. All the flights went well and i'm not as tired as i thought i'd be. It was about 8 hours to Atlanta but it really flew (excuse the pun). Its sh1t hot over here. Today has an index of 105 degrees!!! Irish people were not designed for these sort of temperatures. I'm just chillin out this week and gettin to see the local area. Next week i'll be about an hour north in a summer camp called Sumatanga for another week. Then after that we'll be staying in Atlanta for the night of the 4th of July and a baseball game the day after.

I got the tour of the Birmingham City today, but typical me, i forgot the camera! Its a real business/commerical city and is pretty empty of people in the evening. Some of the architexture was amazing and I got to see the university that Jeris and her fiance went to. It was the kind of campus you see in the movies (red brick buildings, trees, frat houses, etc). One thing I wanted to see was the corporate America you always hear about so we've hit all the stores like Wall Mart, Target, Cosco etc. I got to meet the old lady who greets you at Wallmart. I bet she was called Doris or somethin!

I've been sampling some of the local cuisine. We went to a BBQ place on Monday evening after I arrived. I ordered this yoke, it was two HUGE baked potato covered in chicken, bacon, sour cream, butter and BBQ sauce. I just couldn't finsh it which was a shame cause it was SSOOOO good. I'd never seen potatoes so big!! It was like a small child! We went to a fast food place called Chick Fil A. They do like chicken fillet burgers and nuggets and stuff and really nice lattice fries. I', gonna be huge by the time i get back!!!

So its been really cool so far and i'm sure its only gonna get better! I'll do my best to bring my camera next time and i'll put up the pictures when i get home.

I'll post again in a few days. Later guys!

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Alabama Bound!

So i'm all packed and ready to go. Still in Blayney but i'll go up to Dublin tonight and head to the airport early enough tomorrow morning. Its mad how time goes by so quick! I think i have everything but no doubt i'll forget something. Hopefully it wont be too vital!

Its raining here at the minute so it wont be so bad leaving it for a few weeks. Anyway i'll keep you posted as well as i can with photos and stuff while i'm over there.


Thursday, June 15, 2006


OH YEAH!!! Got the results from my exams and as you can gather from the title, it was good news. I got an upper merit (between 60% and 70% average out of 8 subjects) which means i should get a place in the degree course! Oh the relief! So this also makes this blog worth while and relevant (thank god says you!).

Funny thing happened on Tuesday morning. I was waiting for the bus in Castleblayney when i got a call from Kate saying the results were in the post. Usually we get our results a few days after they're put up on the wall in college. but for some reason they were a day early. I started panicing a bit thinking that my results were waiting for me in my postbox in Dublin. So after a nail biting bus journey that seemed to take forever I made it to Dublin and LEGGED it across the city to the apartment. Guess what was waiting for me in my post box when I arrived all sweaty and out of breath?


There was nothing there! Not a sausage! This threw me over the edge. All these thoughts started rushing through my head. Did I fail? Did they think I cheated? etc etc etc. So again i legged it into college only to find the exams office closed and no results on the wall either. By this stage I was just gettin pissed off. It was 2 o clock and the results weren't due on the wall till 4 but I was goin nowhere! I went and got the paper and a cup a tea and sat in the lobby and waited for them to put up the results. Luckily they put them up and hour early and everything was grand then.

I went to meet some friends after gettin the results for a couple of well earned pints after my "exciting" day. Guiness never tasted so good. Did a bit of shopping on Wednesday out in Dundrum. Nothing special really, just some stuff for the holliers.

Back in Monaghan for a few days but I have to start packing cause i'm headin to Alabama on Sunday. Time has flown by and it only seems like yesterday i was booking the flights. Got the hair chopped for the trip. Its still long but just shorter. Long long hair would just drive me insane in the heat.

I gonna go cause CSI is starting in 10 minutes and it should be a good one. I'll try my best to keep you posted during my travels and i'll have a mountain of photos to put up as well. So until then, good luck!

Sunday, June 11, 2006

All quiet.

It's very quiet at the minute. Nothing exciting has been happening recently really. Just enjoying the sunshine in the garden.

We had a BBQ last night with the neighbours from next door. It was the maiden BBQ in the new garden and the first of many probably. We stayed out till about midnight or so. But it eventually got too cold and we really couldn't see each other cause it was getting so dark!!

Getting my results now on Tuesday at 4.00pm so the nerves are startin to kick in a bit. It shouldn't be too bad cause i'll be busy literally till then so it'll take my mind off them at least!

I'll let you know when i get them. Have to start packing soon for Alabama, leaving on Sunday, or is it Monday? Probably should check that out! Its mad how the weeks are flyin by! Anyway, i'll talk to you soon!!!

Friday, June 02, 2006

Sandy but smiling!

Had a great day today. The original plan was to sit outside and just laze around in the garden. But that all changed when I got a phone call around 2 from Aoife basically telling me I had a minute to get my shorts on cause we were headin to the beach! Talk about spur of the moment!!

So off we went to Bettystown making a quick stop in McDonalds in Dundalk along the way. It was roastin hot but when we got there, there was a bit of a wind so it was a tad cold. That didn't stop us though! The water was actually quite warm when we got in there and even a good bit out, it was still shallow. Of course we never thought to bring a camera so i've no photos to show you. Played football for a while and went into the amusement place as well but just generally faffed around. Oh then the ice cream man came and it was great!!! I'm easily pleased.

So anyway, we were gonna head to the pub when we got back but we were all too tired so we just called it a day. Watching Austin Powers at the minute. "Look at my sexy BODY!!!"